We need your help

Disabled adults and children need our help and for us to continue, we need yours. How can you help us to continue to do the fantastic work we do?

  • Perhaps you are upgrading your home PC or laptop and don't need your old one anymore
  • Maybe you'd like to donate an old iPad or iPhone
  • Is your workplace installing new computers and want to donate their older laptops to our charity?
  • You may know of an individual or business that would like to help our charity in one way or another especially with funding or donations
  • Maybe you want to donate to us yourself or you know a company or an individual who might want to make a donation?

To send a donation through the post please make your cheque payable to Computers For The Disabled and send it to us at the address on the bottom right of this screen.

If you'd like to donate online, please click on the "Donate" button on the bottom left of this screen.

If you have any PC's or parts you'd like to donate, please get in touch via email or phone, our contact details are below.

Your donation will allow us to continue to supply many disabled users with an alternative means of communication and a lifeline to the outside world.